Sep 12

This was for a project I got to do for my dark literature class when we were covering The Hunger Games! 

Apr 29
Apr 29


"Don’t pretend to be a fake
Just lie through your teeth, you’ll be okay
They trust all your mistakes
And ignore all your worth, but in the end
You’re still a piece of dirt
From the bottom of their shoe
All because they hypnotized you

Don’t lie to tell the truth
Because remember, they’re watching you
You’re number 10 on their list
Because in their world, zeros don’t exist
Wake up to realize no one’s there
Even when I said I’d always be here
Turn around to see what you’re missing
Say goodbye to me and hello to your prevarication

Prepare for the worst that’s coming through
Because the best has forgotten you
Talk your way through this one
Yeah! Nice try!! I’ll be watching from the side
Silly boy, you should have known
Six years should make your home

Oh well, just know I’m done
My battle and war have been won
If you ever need help, don’t hesitate to call
I’d love to help and watch you fall!!”

— Original Poem :)
Apr 16

So damn cute!


So damn cute!

Apr 16
Apr 13
May 12
May 12
May 12
May 12

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